I had a really good time at Crafty Fox (in conjunction with the London Design Festival) over the weekend. I was honoured to be awarded a space on the Crafty Fox Uncovered floor, where new businesses not only get to show off their stuff, but also receive lots of love and support from the OGs of the crafty world.

The team and I went to set up bright and early in Brixton and spent the day engaging with a ton of people. There were some really great things about the day. Firstly, it was good to gain an insight into who my real life customers are. I’ve had an online store for coming up to two years, but seeing people in the flesh was really cool. Secondly, loads of people found my work funny (in a nice way!). I always like to inject some fun and playfulness into my work, but didn’t realise it was so on the LOLs side of things. Lastly, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with potential stockists in London and beyond. All in all, the day left me feeling inwardly energised and excited about what the next few months might bring.